Pelicana Chicken Kids Menu 2024 – Prices, Deals, Nutrition Facts, Calories

Pelicana Chicken Kids Menu 2024 – Pelicana Chicken is a popular South Korean fried chicken restaurant chain known for its delicious and crispy chicken dishes. The brand has gained a strong reputation globally for its unique flavors and quality offerings.

Regarding Pelicana Chicken kids Menu, while they don’t have a specific kid’s menu. However, kids can enjoy some of the regular menu items suitable for their taste preferences, such as Peli Cheese Ball, Chicken Wings with Sauce, and French Fries, among others. Parents can customize the orders to match their children’s preferences.

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Pelicana Chicken Kids Menu Items

Pelicana Chicken does not have a specific kids menu. However, here are some menu items from their regular menu that might be suitable for kids:

  1. Peli Cheese Ball: Mozzarella cheese inside a chewy ball with savory and sweet taste.
  2. Chicken Wings with Sauce: Crispy fried wings served with a choice of sauce.
  3. French Fries: Thin and crispy fried french fries.
  4. Twisted Donut: A delicious, twisted donut for a sweet treat.
  5. Sweet Potato Fries: Mild, starchy, and sweet-flavored fries made from sweet potatoes.
  6. Calamel Ball: A savory and sweet caramel ball.
  7. Chocolate Ball: A delightful chocolate ball for chocolate lovers.
  8. Sea Snail Spicy Salad: Diced sea snails tossed with fresh vegetables in a tangy gochujang sauce.
  9. Cheese Buldak: Tender chicken coated with a fiery spicy sauce and covered with mozzarella cheese.
  10. Jarritos: A refreshing Mexican soft drink available in various flavors.

Pelicana Chicken Kids Menu Prices

The following table shows Pelicana Chicken Menu Prices, allowing parents to choose kid-friendly items from the regular menu for their children.

Here’s the Pelicana Chicken menu items and prices in table format:

Pelicana Chicken Kids Menu ItemPrice ($)
Peli Cheese Ball10.00
Original BAN BAN Chicken33.00
Original Fried Chicken with Sauce Half18.00
Crispy Fried Wings with Sauce 9pcs19.00
Peli Shaken Fries9.00
French Fries7.00
Crispy Fried Chicken with Sauce Half19.00
Original Fried Chicken Half17.00
Crispy BAN BAN Chicken34.00
Original BAN BAN Chicken33.00
Crispy BAN BAN Boneless36.00
Crispy BAN BAN Wings34.00
Original BAN BAN Wings33.00
Twisted Donut10.00
Sweet Potato Fries9.00
Calamel Ball10.00
Chocolate ball10.00
Sea Snail Spicy Salad29.00
Cheese Buldak27.00
Calamel Ball10.00
Chocolate ball10.00
Sea Snail Spicy Salad29.00
Cheese Buldak27.00
Diet Coke2.50
Sparkling Water4.00
Bottle Water4.00

Pelicana Chicken Kids Menu Calories & Nutrition Facts

  1. Chicken Wings (without sauce) – Approximately 100-120 calories per wing.
  2. French Fries – Around 200-250 calories per serving (may vary based on serving size).
  3. Sweet Potato Fries – Roughly 150-200 calories per serving (may vary based on serving size).
  4. Cheese Buldak – Can range from 500-800 calories per serving depending on the portion size and ingredients.
  5. Peli Cheese Ball – Approximately 200-250 calories per ball.
  6. Twisted Donut – About 200-250 calories per donut.

Pelicana Chicken Kids Menu Deals & Offers

Pelicana Chicken does not have a dedicated kids menu. However, they may offer regular menu deals and promotions that can be enjoyed by customers of all ages, including kids. Here are some examples of possible regular menu deals and offers:

  1. Family Meal Deal: A combo meal that includes a variety of chicken items, sides, and drinks, suitable for sharing with the whole family.
  2. Buy One Get One Free Wings: Purchase a certain number of wings and get an additional order for free.
  3. Lunch Special: Discounted pricing for a selected chicken meal during lunch hours.
  4. Combo Meals: Bundled deals that offer a combination of chicken, sides, and drinks at a discounted price.
  5. Happy Hour Deals: Special discounts on certain menu items during specific hours of the day.

Pelicana Chicken Kids Menu FAQS

Does Pelicana Chicken offer any kid-friendly options?

Pelicana Chicken does not have a designated kids menu, but they may have items suitable for children on their regular menu.

Are there any smaller portion sizes available for kids at Pelicana Chicken?

Pelicana Chicken does not have a designated kids menu or smaller portion sizes specifically for kids.

Are there any healthier options on the Pelicana Chicken Kids Menu?

Pelicana Chicken may offer healthier options such as grilled chicken, vegetable sides, or fruit cups. However, specific options may vary by location.

Can I customize Pelicana Chicken kids menu items for my child’s preferences?

Yes, Pelicana Chicken allows customization of their menu items, so you can tailor orders according to your child’s preferences and dietary restrictions.

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