Blake’s Menu Breakfast Items 2024 – Prices, Hours, Specials, Calories, Nutrition

Blake’s Menu Breakfast 2024 – Blake’s Lotaburger is a regional fast-food chain primarily located in New Mexico, USA. It was founded in 1952 and has since become an iconic burger joint in the state. Blake’s Lotaburger is known for its made-to-order hamburgers, which are made with 100% Angus beef and cooked over an open flame for a delicious, flame-grilled flavor.

The Blake’s Menu Breakfast includes other classic fast-food items like hot dogs, chicken sandwiches, and milkshakes. Blake’s Lotaburger prides itself on its commitment to quality ingredients and friendly service, making it a popular choice among locals and visitors alike.

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About Blake’s Menu Breakfast

Blake’s Lotaburger is a popular fast-food chain known for its delicious burgers and other menu items. They offer a variety of burgers made with 100% Angus beef, cooked to order and topped with fresh ingredients. Some signature burgers include the Lotaburger, Green Chile Cheeseburger, and the Bacon Lotaburger. In addition to burgers, Blake’s Menu also features hot dogs, chicken sandwiches, fries, onion rings, and milkshakes.

Here are some examples of popular menu items from Blake’s Menu Breakfast:

  1. Lotaburger: This is the classic and signature burger of Blake’s Lotaburger. It features a juicy Angus beef patty, lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickles, all served on a fresh bun.
  2. Milkshakes: Blake’s offers a selection of milkshake flavors, including classic options like chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. These creamy and refreshing shakes are the perfect complement to your meal.
  3. ITSA Burger
  4. Bacon Burrito
  5. Classic Burrito with Beans
  6. Meat & Bean Burrito

Blake’s Menu Breakfast with Price 2024

Here is the list of Blake’s Menu Breakfast items and their prices –

Blake’s Menu BreakfastPrices
Bacon Burrito$3.99
Sausage Burrito$3.99
Classic Burrito with Bean$3.99
Meat and Bean Burrito$3.99
Classic Burrito$3.99
Lota Burger$3.89
Lota Burger Meal$6.19
ITSA Burger$3.09
ITSA Burger Meal$5.39
Grilled Chicken Sandwich$4.79
Grilled Chicken Sandwich Meal$7.09
Breaded Chicken Sandwich$4.79
Breaded Chicken Sandwich$7.09
Onion Rings$2.49
Apple Sauce$0.89


  • Fountain Drink
  • Milk
  • Bottled Water
  • Orange Juice
  • Hot Coffee
  • Iced Coffee

Blake’s Breakfast Hours 2024 – Opening & Closing

The breakfast hours at Blake’s Lactoburger typically start at 6:00 AM. It’s best to check the specific restaurant’s website or contact them directly for their exact breakfast hours.

There is no specific time for breakfast Hours in Blake’s Lactoburger.

  • Weekdays (Mon-Fri) – 6 AM to 10 PM
  • Weekends (Sat & Sun) – 6 AM to 10 PM
DayOpening HourClosing Hour
Monday6 AM10:00 PM
Tuesday6 AM10:00 PM
Wednesday6 AM10:00 PM
Thursday6 AM10:00 PM
Friday6 AM10:00 PM
Saturday6 AM10:00 PM
Sunday6 AM10:00 PM

Blake’s Menu Breakfast Prices

Blake’s men breakfast with a variety of options to satisfy your morning cravings. From breakfast burritos to pancakes, they have something for everyone. It’s important to note that prices may vary depending on the location.

  • Lota Burger – $3.89
  • Lota Burger Meal – $6.19
  • ITSA Burger – $3.09
  • ITSA Burger Meal – $5.39
  • Grilled Chicken Sandwich – $4.79
  • Grilled Chicken Sandwich Meal – $7.09
  • Breaded Chicken Sandwich – $4.79
  • Breaded Chicken Sandwich – $7.09
  • Bacon Burrito – $3.99
  • Sausage Burrito – $3.99
  • Classic Burrito with Bean – $3.99
  • Meat and Bean Burrito – $3.99
  • Classic Burrito – $3.99

Blake’s Breakfast Kids Menu

At Blake’s Menu Breakfast, there is a specific menu designed exclusively for kids.

  • Grilled Cheese
  • Chicken Tenders

These items can be customized to suit the preferences and appetite of young diners.

Blake’s Breakfast Specials

Here are some examples of Blake’s Menu Breakfast Specials:

  • New Mexico Style – 2 Premium Angus Beef Patties
  • Blake’s Chili con Carne Bowl
  • Blake’s Chicken Sandwich
  • Classic Burrito with Beans
  • LOTA Breakfast Sandwich

Blake’s Breakfast Calories & Nutrition Facts

For detailed nutritional information about Blake’s menu Breakfast, please visit the below provided link. This will allow you to check the specific nutrition facts and make informed choices based on your dietary preferences and needs.

Blake’s Breakfast Offers & Deals

Some common offers and deals at Blake’s Lotaburger may include:

  • Try New Mexico united Burrito Bacon + Sausage
  • Combo Meals: Blake’s Lotaburger may have breakfast combo meals that include a breakfast sandwich or burrito, a side of hash browns or bacon, and a drink at a discounted price.
  • Daily Specials: Blake’s Lotaburger may have specific daily deals or specials on certain breakfast items or combinations, providing customers with discounted prices or added value.
  • Loyalty Programs: Blake’s Lotaburger may have a loyalty program or rewards system where you can earn points or receive exclusive offers and discounts on breakfast and other menu items.

Blake’s Breakfast Near Me

Here are five steps to find Blake’s breakfast near your location:

  1. Open a web browser on your device.
  2. Go to a search engine like Google.
  3. Enter “Blake’s breakfast near me” or “Blake’s Lotaburger breakfast near me” in the search bar.
  4. Review the search results to find the nearest Blake’s Lotaburger locations that offer breakfast.
  5. Choose the most convenient location and check their opening hours to ensure they serve breakfast during your desired time.

Does Blake’s Lotaburger serve breakfast all day?

It’s best to check with your local Blake’s Lotaburger as breakfast hours may vary by location.
Blake’s start breakfast at 6:00 AM.

What breakfast items are available at Blake’s Lotaburger?

Blake’s menu breakfast offers a variety of breakfast items such as breakfast burritos, sandwiches, pancakes, and sides like hash browns.

Are there vegetarian or vegan options on Blake’s menu breakfast?

Blake’s menu breakfast may have vegetarian options available, such as veggie breakfast burritos or sandwiches. However, it’s recommended to check with your local Blake’s Lotaburger for specific vegetarian or vegan choices.

Can I customize my breakfast order at Blake’s Lotaburger?

Yes, Blake’s menu breakfast typically allows customization of breakfast items, allowing you to choose specific ingredients or make modifications to suit your preferences.

Are there any combo meals or breakfast specials available?

Occasionally Blake’s menu breakfast may offer combo meals or breakfast specials that include a combination of breakfast items along with a side and a drink. These deals can vary by location and time.

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