Capriotti’s Breakfast Menu 2024 – Prices, Hours, Classics, Featured Items, Nutrition, Offers, Rewards

Capriotti’s Breakfast Menu 2024 – Capriotti’s is a fast-casual restaurant chain known for its delicious and award-winning sandwiches. Founded in 1976 in Wilmington, Delaware, Capriotti’s has grown to become a popular destination for sandwich lovers across the United States.

The story of Capriotti’s began when Lois and Alan Margolet opened a sandwich shop named after Lois’ grandfather, Philip Capriotti. They started by roasting whole fresh turkeys in-house, hand-shredding the meat, and using it to create their signature sandwiches. This commitment to using high-quality ingredients and preparing everything fresh became the foundation of Capriotti’s success.

One of Capriotti’s most famous sandwiches is “The Bobbie.” It features hand-pulled roasted turkey, homemade stuffing, cranberry sauce, and a touch of mayonnaise, all served on a freshly baked roll. The Bobbie became an instant hit and remains a customer favorite to this day.

Capriotti’s Breakfast Menu includes Scrambler, Hash Brown with scrambled eggs with white American cheese, mayo, diced tomato, grilled onions, salt, and pepper. Capriotti’s menu features a variety of delicious sandwiches, including their famous Bobbie with turkey and cranberry sauce, alongside salads, vegetarian options, and sides. Quality ingredients and mouthwatering flavors await.

Capriotti’s has received numerous accolades and recognition for its sandwiches, including being voted “Greatest Sandwich in America” and “Best Sandwich Shop” by readers of various publications. Their commitment to quality, flavorful ingredients, and friendly service has made Capriotti’s a beloved brand among sandwich enthusiasts.

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Capriotti's Breakfast Menu - Prices, Hours, Classics, Featured Items, Nutrition, Offers, Rewards

About Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop

Capriotti’s is a popular restaurant chain that specializes in sandwiches and offers a variety of other delicious menu items. Their menu features a range of unique and flavorful sandwiches, salads, and sides. Here’s an overview of Capriotti’s breakfast menu along with some examples:

  • American Wagyu: Capriotti’s offers American Wagyu beef as a premium option for their sandwiches. American Wagyu is a high-quality, marbled beef known for its tenderness and rich flavor. It adds a touch of luxury to any sandwich, providing a delicious and indulgent experience.
  • Turkey Subs: Capriotti’s is famous for its turkey subs, offering a variety of options with different toppings and condiments. Their signature sandwich is “The Bobbie,” which features slow-roasted turkey, cranberry sauce, homemade stuffing, and mayo, creating a Thanksgiving-inspired delight.
  • Cheese Steaks: Capriotti’s serves classic cheese steak sandwiches made with thinly sliced steak, melted cheese, onions, and your choice of toppings and condiments. These sandwiches are a favorite among cheese steak enthusiasts, delivering a satisfying combination of flavors and textures.
  • Breakfast: Capriotti’s breakfast menu provides a selection of morning favorites. They offer breakfast sandwiches made with a variety of ingredients, such as eggs, bacon, sausage, cheese, and veggies, all served on a choice of bread or roll.
  • Soups/Salads: In addition to their sandwiches, Capriotti’s offers a range of soups and salads to provide lighter options or accompany your meal. They have flavorful soups like chicken noodle or tomato bisque, as well as salads like Cap’s Chop, Capriotti’s Cobb, BBQ Chicken Salad, and Capriotti’s Italian Salad. These salads feature a mix of fresh greens, vegetables, meats, cheeses, and dressings, offering a variety of tastes and textures.
  • Beverages: Capriotti’s provides a selection of beverages to quench your thirst. They typically offer a range of soft drinks, including popular brands and choices like soda, iced tea, and lemonade. Some locations may also offer bottled water, juice, or other specialty beverages.

Capriotti’s Breakfast Menu with Price 2024

Here are some examples of breakfast items from Capriotti’s Breakfast Menu with their corresponding prices:

Capriotti’s Breakfast Menu ItemPrice
Breakfast – scrambled eggs with white American cheese, mayo and mixed with pepper relish, diced tomatoes, and grilled onions, salt, and pepper.
The General$5.79
The Steakenator$6.29
The Impossible Steakenator$5.99
Ole Reliable$5.79
The Strami$5.79
Hash Brown$2.39
American Wagyu
American Wagyu Roast BeefHalf -$7.99
Small – $11.99
Medium – $13.49
Large – $21.99
American Wagyu Slaw Be JoHalf -$7.99
Small – $11.99
Medium – $13.49
Large – $21.99
American Wagyu Cheese SteakHalf -$7.99
Small – $11.99
Medium – $13.49
Large – $21.99
Balsamic ChickenHalf – $8.99
Regular – $11.49
BBQ TurkeyHalf – $8.99
Regular – $11.49
BBQ ChickenHalf – $8.99
Regular – $11.49
American Wagyu & BleuHalf – $8.99
Regular – $12.49
CAP’S ChoppedHalf – $8.99
Regular – $11.49
Cole Slaw$2.59
Bowl Chicken Noodle$5.49
Bowl Tomato Bisque$5.49
Please note that the table includes only the mentioned categories and items.

Capriotti’s Breakfast Hours 2024 – Opening & Closing Times

Capriotti's Restaurant Opening & Closing Times

Capriotti’s Breakfast available daily from 8am – 11am.

  • Weekdays (Mon-Fri) – 8 AM to 11 AM
  • Weekends (Sat & Sun) – 8 AM to 11 AM
DayOpening HourClosing Hour
Monday8 AM11 AM
Tuesday8 AM11 AM
Wednesday8 AM11 AM
Thursday8 AM11 AM
Friday8 AM11 AM
Saturday8 AM11 AM
Sunday8 AM11 AM

Capriotti’s Breakfast Menu Prices

Here is the list of Capriotti’s breakfast menu items and their prices –


  • The General – $5.79
  • The Steakenator – $6.29
  • The Impossible Steakenator – $5.99
  • Ole Reliable – $5.79
  • The Strami – $5.79
  • Scrambler – $5.29
  • Hash Brown – $2.39

Cheese Steaks:

  • Classic Cheese Steak – $7.99
  • Chicken Cheese Steak – $7.99
  • Chicken Chipotle Crunch – $8.99
  • Grilled Chicken Parmesan – $7.99
  • BBQ Chicken Cheese Steak – $8.99

Turkey Subs:

  • The Bobbie – $8.99
  • The Hot Bobbie – $8.99
  • Cole Turkey – $7.99
  • Homemade Turkey – $6.99

Cap’s Classics:

  • Capastrami – $8.99
  • Grilled Italian – $7.99
  • Classic Italian – $7.99
  • Classic Meatball – $8.99
  • Italian Sausage – $8.99
  • Homemade Tuna – $6.99

Vegetarian: (Half -$7.99, Small – $11.99, Medium – $13.49, Large – $21.99)

  • Impossible Cheese Steak
  • Vegetarian Chicken Cheese Steak – $7.99
  • Vegetarian Turkey – $8.99
  • Vegetarian Cole Turkey – $7.99

Choose Any 2:

  • Half Sub and Half Salad – $11.49
  • Half Sub and Bowl of Soup – $11.49
  • Half Salad and Bowl of Soup – $11.49

Add Ons:

  • Small Chips – $2.49
  • Medium Chips – $3.49
  • Large Chips – $4.99
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie – $1.99
  • Sugar Cookie – $1.99
  • Combo Small Chip & Bottled Drink – $3.99
  • Combo Cookie & Bottled Drink – $3.99
  • Combo Side Salad & Bottled Drink – $3.99
  • Combo Cole Slaw & Bottle Drink – $3.99
  • Combo Small Chip & Medium Fountain Drink – $3.49
  • Combo Cookie & Medium Fountain Drink – $3.49
  • Combo Side Salad & Medium Fountain Drink – $3.49
  • Combo Cole Slaw & Medium Fountain Drink – $3.49
  • Combo Small Chip & Large Fountain Drink – $3.99

Capriotti’s Breakfast Kids Menu

In Capriotti’s Sandwiches there is specific kids’ menu designed especially for kids. The Kids Menu typically includes smaller portions and kid-friendly choices. While the exact items on the Kids Menu may vary by location, here are some examples of dishes from the Capriotti’s Breakfast menu that could be enjoyed by kids:

  • Kids Meal
  • Kids Grilled Cheese Meal
  • Free Grilled Cheese

Capriotti’s Breakfast Specials

Capriotti’s offers a variety of specials and signature sandwiches known as Cap’s Classics. While the specific specials may vary by location and time, here are some examples of Capriotti’s Cap’s Classics are listed below:

Cap’s Classics

  • Capastrami
  • Grilled Italian
  • Classic Italian
  • Classic Meatball
  • Italian Sausage
  • Homemade Tuna

Featured Items

  • American Wagyu French Dip
  • The Bobbie

Capriotti’s Breakfast Calories & Nutrition Facts

To check the calories and nutrition facts of Capriotti’s breakfast menu items, you can visit their official website or use the link provided below:

By accessing this link, you will be able to browse their menu and view detailed nutrition information for each Capriotti’s breakfast menu item, including calories, fat, carbohydrates, protein, and other relevant nutritional data. This will help you make informed choices based on your dietary needs and preferences.

Capriotti’s Breakfast Offers & Deals

Capriotti’s offers various deals and promotions to provide customers with discounts and special offers. Here are some examples of Capriotti’s offers and deals that you might find:

  1. Daily Specials: Capriotti’s often has daily specials where you can enjoy selected sandwiches or meals at discounted prices. The specific specials may vary by location, so it’s best to check with your local Capriotti’s for their current daily deals.
  2. Rewards Program: Capriotti’s has a rewards program called CAPADDICTS. By signing up for CAPAddicts, you can earn points on your purchases and receive rewards such as free sandwiches, discounts, and exclusive promotions.
    • Earn – $1 Spent = 1 Point
    • Redeem – 100 Points = $10 Off
  3. Catering Discounts: Capriotti’s offers catering services for events and gatherings. They may provide special discounts or offers for catering orders, depending on the size and requirements of the event. Contact your local Capriotti’s or visit their website to inquire about catering deals.
  4. Limited-Time Promotions: Capriotti’s occasionally introduces limited-time promotions or seasonal offers. These can include new menu items, combo deals, or discounted prices for a specific period. Stay updated with Capriotti’s website, social media channels, or email newsletters to be informed about these promotions.
  5. Online Ordering Discounts: Capriotti’s may offer discounts or promotions when you place your order online through their website or mobile app. Look for any available coupon codes or special offers during the checkout process.

Capriotti’s Sandwiches Breakfast Near Me

To find Capriotti’s sandwiches for breakfast near your current location, follow these five steps:

  1. Open a web browser on your device.
  2. Go to a search engine like Google or Bing.
  3. In the search bar, type “Capriotti’s sandwiches breakfast near me” or “Capriotti’s breakfast menu near me” and hit Enter.
  4. The search engine will display a list of Capriotti’s locations that serve breakfast sandwiches near your current location. You can click on the results to view more information about each location.
  5. Choose the nearest Capriotti’s restaurant that offers breakfast sandwiches based on the search results or visit Capriotti’s official website to find a location that serves breakfast.

Does Capriotti’s offer vegetarian or vegan options on their menu?

Yes, Capriotti’s offers vegetarian options on their menu. They have sandwiches like the Veggie Cheese Steak, Veggie Turkey, and Veggie Cole Turkey, which are made with plant-based ingredients. However, the availability of vegan options may vary depending on the location and specific menu offerings.

Are there gluten-free options available in the Capriotti’s breakfast menu?

While Capriotti’s breakfast menu does not have a dedicated gluten-free menu, they do offer certain items that can be customized to be gluten-free. Their offerings mainly revolve around a variety of subs, salads, and sides. You can ask for a lettuce wrap instead of bread for sandwiches or opt for gluten-free bread if it’s available. It’s advisable to inform the staff about your dietary restrictions and ask for their recommendations when placing your order.

Does Capriotti’s provide catering services for events?

Yes, Capriotti’s offers catering services for various events and gatherings. They have catering packages that include a variety of sandwich options, salads, sides, and desserts to accommodate different group sizes. You can contact your local Capriotti’s restaurant or visit their website for more information on catering options and pricing.

Can I place an order for pickup or delivery?

Yes, Capriotti’s provides options for both pickup and delivery. You can place an order online or through their mobile app for convenient pickup at your preferred location. Additionally, some Capriotti’s locations partner with third-party delivery services for home or office delivery. Availability may vary depending on your location.

Does Capriotti’s offer any loyalty or rewards program?

Yes, Capriotti’s has a loyalty program called CapAddicts. By signing up for CapAddicts, you can earn points for every purchase and enjoy exclusive offers and rewards. These rewards may include discounts, free items, or special promotions. You can sign up for CapAddicts through their website or app.

Are the nutritional information and allergen details available for Capriotti’s breakfast menu items?

Yes, Capriotti’s breakfast menu provides nutritional information and allergen details. You can find this information on their website or by contacting your local Capriotti’s restaurant. It’s recommended to review this information if you have specific dietary needs or allergen concerns.

What is the Grilled Chicken Parmesan?

The Grilled Chicken Parmesan is a sandwich made with grilled chicken, onions, mushrooms, sweet peppers, provolone cheese, and topped with marinara and Romano cheese.

What is the American Wagyu French Dip?

The American Wagyu French Dip is a limited-time sandwich made with American Wagyu beef. It is topped with Swiss cheese, mayo, black pepper, and served with a side of hot Au Jus sauce for dipping.

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