Nando’s Breakfast Hours 2024 | Starting & Closing Timings

Nando’s Breakfast Hours 2024 – Nando’s peri-peri is a renowned international restaurant chain famous for its flame-grilled peri-peri chicken. The peri-peri chicken is marinated in a special blend of African Bird’s Eye Chili, herbs, and spices, resulting in a delicious and flavorful dish loved by many.

Nando’s does not have a specific breakfast menu. Nando’s Breakfast Hours start at 10:30 AM, and they continue to serve their regular menu, including their famous peri-peri chicken, until 10:00 PM. So, you can enjoy Nando’s delicious offerings from their regular menu throughout the day.

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Nando’s Breakfast Hours

Restaurant Name Nando’s Peri- Peri
Breakfast AvailableAvailable All Day
Breakfast Timings10:30 AM to 10 PM
Opening Time10:30 AM
Closing Time10 PM

Nando’s Breakfast Hours & Days – Starting & Closing Timings

Nando’s Breakfast Hours

  • Monday to Sunday – 10:30 AM to 10 PM
Monday10:30 AM to 10 PM
Tuesday10:30 AM to 10 PM
Wednesday10:30 AM to 10 PM
Thursday10:30 AM to 10 PM
Friday10:30 AM to 10 PM
Saturday10:30 AM to 10 PM
Sunday10:30 AM to 10 PM
The Nando’s Peri- Peri Breakfast hours may vary by location.

Nando’s Breakfast Menu

The following list is a Nando’s Peri -Peri breakfast Menu items along with their prices as per the official website:

  • PERi Ranch Crunch Salad: $14.99
  • Spicy Chicken Kale Caesar Salad: $12.49
  • Spicy Chicken Caesar Wrap or Pita: $12.49
  • PERi Honey Sweet Potatoes: $4.99
  • 1/2 Chicken and Chips: $15.39
  • PERi-PERi Chicken Bowl: $12.89
  • Nandocas’ Choice: $15.79
  • Full Platter: $31.59
  • 1/4 Chicken – Breast: $10.49
  • 1/4 Chicken – Leg: $10.39
  • Two 1/4 Chicken Legs: $15.59
  • Chicken Thigh Skewers: $15.29
  • Boneless Chicken Breast: $14.39
  • Chicken Livers: $10.99
  • PERi-PERi Wings: $19.79
  • 3 Chicken Thighs: $13.89
  • Spicy Chicken Caesar Wrap or Pita: $12.49
  • Sweet & Spicy Chicken Wrap: $11.99
  • Chicken Breast Sandwich: $11.99
  • Thigh & Mighty Sandwich: $14.99
  • Nandocas’ Choice: $15.79
  • PERi Chicken Pita: $11.99

Nando’s Breakfast Kids Menu

Nando’s does not have a specific kids’ menu. Instead, children can choose from the regular menu items and customize them according to their preferences, including different toppings and sides.

Some examples of dishes that kids might enjoy at Nando’s include:

  1. Peri-Peri Chicken Wings: Tender chicken wings grilled and basted with Nando’s signature peri-peri sauce, available in various spice levels.
  2. Grilled Chicken Burger: A delicious chicken burger made with a grilled peri-peri chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, and your choice of toppings.
  3. Chicken Skewers: Juicy grilled chicken skewers marinated in peri-peri sauce and served with a side of your choice.
  4. Peri-Peri Rice Bowl: A bowl of seasoned peri-peri rice topped with grilled chicken strips or a protein of their choice.
  5. Sides: Kids can choose from a variety of sides like fries, corn on the cob, coleslaw, and garlic bread.

What Holidays Is Nando’s Closed

Nando’s Peri- Peri restaurants may have varying holiday hours, and it is best to check with your local Nando’s location for specific details. However, some common holidays when Nando’s might be closed or have reduced hours include:

  1. Thanksgiving Day – Closed
  2. New Years Eve – Limited Hours
  3. Christmas Eve – Limited Hours
  4. Christmas Day – Closed

What Holidays Is Nando’s Peri- Peri Opened

Nando’s restaurants are typically open on most major holidays, but hours may vary depending on the location and local guidelines. Some holidays when Nando’s might be open include:

  1. Martin Luther King Jr. Day (MLK Day)
  2. Presidents Day
  3. St. Patrick’s Day
  4. Memorial Day
  5. Independence Day (4th of July)
  6. Labor Day
  7. Columbus Day
  8. Halloween
  9. Veterans Day
  10. Black Friday

Nando’s Peri- Peri Breakfast Offers

Nando’s Peri- Peri offers may include:

  1. Nando’s Loyalty Program: Join the loyalty program to earn points with every purchase and redeem them for free food and exclusive rewards.
  2. Full Platter: A platter featuring a whole peri-peri chicken, served with two large sides and four pieces of garlic bread.
  3. Peri-Peri Seasonal Specials: Nando’s introduces limited-time menu items featuring unique peri-peri flavors during certain seasons or occasions.
  4. Limited-Edition Sauces: From time to time, Nando’s releases special peri-peri sauce flavors that are available for a limited period.
  5. Seasonal Desserts: Enjoy delicious desserts with a twist during certain seasons, adding a sweet touch to your meal.

Nando’s Breakfast Hours – FAQS

Does Nando’s offer a separate breakfast menu?

No, Nando’s does not have a separate breakfast menu. They serve their regular menu starting at 10:30 AM until 10:00 PM.

Can I order Nando’s peri-peri chicken during breakfast hours?

Yes, you can enjoy Nando’s peri-peri chicken and other regular menu items during Nando’s breakfast hours.

Are Nando’s Breakfast Hours same on weekends?

Yes, Nando’s Breakfast Hours are the same throughout the week, including weekends. They start at 10:30 AM and continue until 10:00 PM.

Can I order takeaway or delivery during Nando’s Breakfast Hours?

Yes, you can place takeaway or delivery orders for Nando’s regular menu items during their breakfast hours.

Are Nando’s Breakfast Hours same at all locations?

Yes, Nando’s Breakfast Hours are typically consistent across all their locations, but it’s always a good idea to check with your nearest Nando’s restaurant for any variations.

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