Shakey’s Pizza Breakfast Hours 2024 – Starting & Closing Timings

Shakey’s Pizza Breakfast Hours 2024 – Shakey’s Pizza is a well-known restaurant chain famous for its delicious thin-crust pizzas, crispy fried chicken, and signature Mojo potatoes. With a rich history dating back to 1954, Shakey’s has been delighting customers with its unique blend of pizza and entertainment for decades.

While the restaurant does not have specific breakfast menu. The Shakey’s Pizza breakfast hours, opens its doors at 11 am and serves its mouthwatering menu until 10 pm. Whether you’re craving a classic pizza, a Savory chicken meal, or a wholesome salad, Shakey’s Pizza is the place to satisfy your taste buds all day long. Enjoy the delightful flavors and warm hospitality of Shakey’s Pizza during its operating hours from 11 am to 10 pm.

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Shakey’s Pizza Breakfast Hours

Restaurant Name Shakey’s Pizza Parlor
Breakfast AvailableAvailable All Day
Breakfast Timings11 AM to 10 PM
Opening Time11 AM
Closing Time10 PM

Shakey’s Pizza Breakfast Hours & Days – Starting & Closing Timings

Shakey’s Pizza Parlor does not have specific breakfast hours and serves regular menu items all day. Their regular operating hours are from 11 am to 10 pm, where they serve their full menu, including their famous pizzas, chicken, and other delicious offerings.

Shakey’s Pizza Breakfast Hours & Days are as follows-

  • Monday to Sunday – 11 AM to 10 PM
Monday11 AM to 10 PM
Tuesday11 AM to 10 PM
Wednesday11 AM to 10 PM
Thursday11 AM to 10 PM
Friday11 AM to 10 PM
Saturday11 AM to 10 PM
Sunday11 AM to 10 PM
Note: Shakey’s Pizza Breakfast Hours may vary by location

Shakey’s Pizza Breakfast Menu

The Shakey’s Pizza menu items listed below are from their regular menu, which is available throughout the day during their operating hours. Here are some of the menu items with prices:

  1. 15″ Large Shakey’s Special Pizza – $21.99
  2. 15″ Large Rustic Garlic Chicken Pizza – $21.99
  3. 9″ Small Shakey’s Special Pizza – $12.99
  4. Garlic Bread – $1.99
  5. Boneless Chicken Strips – $3.75
  6. Wings – $6.59
  7. 15″ Large Build Your Own Pizza – $17.49
  8. 7″ Individual Build Your Own Pizza – $5.99
  9. 9″ Small Build Your Own Pizza – $8.49
  10. Pepperoni Pizza Twists – $3.49
  11. 12″ Medium Shakey’s Special Pizza – $18.99
  12. 9″ Small Garden Veggie Pizza – $12.99
  13. 12″ Medium Garden Veggie Pizza – $18.99
  14. 15″ Large Garden Veggie Pizza – $21.99

Shakey’s Pizza Breakfast Kids Menu

Shakey’s Pizza does not typically offer a separate breakfast menu or a specific kids’ menu for breakfast. Their regular menu items are available throughout the day, and children can choose from a variety of options suitable for them.

  1. Mini Cheese Pizza: A smaller-sized pizza with cheese, perfect for kids.
  2. Chicken Tenders: Crispy and delicious chicken tenders that kids often enjoy.
  3. French Fries: Classic and beloved side item that goes well with breakfast choices.
  4. Mozzarella Sticks: Tasty and cheesy finger food that kids love.

What Holidays Is Shakey’s Pizza Closed

Shakey’s Pizza is typically closed on the following holidays:

  1. Easter Sunday
  2. Thanksgiving Day
  3. Christmas Day

What Holidays Is Shakey’s Pizza Opened

Shakey’s Pizza Parlor is open on the following holidays:

  1. Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  2. Presidents Day
  3. Memorial Day
  4. Labor Day
  5. Columbus Day
  6. Veterans Day
  7. Black Friday
  8. Good Friday
  9. New Year’s Day
  10. Easter Sunday
  11. Independence Day (July 4th)
  12. Christmas Eve
  13. New Year’s Eve

Shakey’s Pizza Breakfast Offers

Shakey’s Pizza offers a variety of deals and promotions to its customers. Here are some examples of their offers:

  1. Family Meal Deal: Get a large pizza, chicken, and mojo potatoes at a discounted price.
  2. Lunch Buffet: Enjoy an all-you-can-eat lunch buffet with a selection of pizzas, salads, and more.
  3. Happy Hour Specials: Discounted prices on drinks and appetizers during select hours. 3 to 6 PM
  4. Combo Deals: Get a pizza and wings combo at a special price.
  5. Shakey’s E-Club: Sign up for the E-Club to receive exclusive offers and discounts via email.

Shakey’s Pizza Breakfast Hours – FAQS

What types of pizzas does Shakey’s offer?

Shakey’s Pizza offers a variety of pizzas, including classic pepperoni, cheese, Hawaiian, Supreme, Veggie, and more. They also have specialty pizzas like the Mojo Potatoes Pizza and the Texas BBQ Chicken Pizza.

What other menu items does Shakey’s offer besides pizza?

In addition to pizzas, Shakey’s menu includes fried chicken, chicken tenders, Mojos (potato wedges), salads, pasta, and various appetizers like garlic bread, wings, and chicken poppers.

Does Shakey’s have any dessert options?

Yes, Shakey’s offers dessert options like ice cream, churros, and the famous Bunch of Lunch, which includes dessert pizza options like cinnamon and apple dessert pizzas.

Are Shakey’s Pizza Breakfast Hours same at all locations?

Yes, Shakey’s Pizza Breakfast Hours are typically consistent across all their locations, but it’s always a good idea to check with your nearest Shakey’s Pizza restaurant for any variations.

Can I order takeaway or delivery during Shakey’s Pizza Breakfast Hours?

Yes, you can place takeaway or delivery orders for Shakey’s Pizza regular menu items during their breakfast hours.

Does Shakey’s Pizza serve breakfast?

No, Shakey’s Pizza does not offer breakfast. They start serving their regular menu items from 11 am to 10 pm.

What time does Shakey’s Pizza start serving food?

Shakey’s Pizza starts serving their regular menu items from 11 am until 10 pm. This is their standard operating hours.

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