Orange Julius Kids Menu with Price 2024 – Calories, Drinks, Smoothie

Orange Julius Kids Menu with Price 2024 – Orange Julius is a well-known American chain of beverage stands that originated in 1926, founded by Julius Freed. The brand is famous for its signature drink, the Orange Julius, a refreshing and creamy beverage The menu has expanded to include a wide variety of fruit smoothies, fruit drinks, and other refreshing beverages.

The Orange Julius Kids Menu offers a delightful array of beverages tailored to cater to the taste preferences of younger customers. While there might not be a separate Kids Menu, Orange Julius ensures that children can enjoy their signature drinks and explore fruity options in a kid-friendly atmosphere.

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Orange Julius Kids Menu Items

Orange Julius did not have a widely advertised Kids Menu with specific items designated solely for children. However, their regular menu includes various options that are suitable for kids and enjoyed by customers of all ages.

Here are some of the popular Orange Julius menu items that might be considered kid-friendly:

  1. Julius: The classic and iconic Orange Julius drink, a creamy and frothy blend of orange juice, milk, sugar, and vanilla flavoring.
  2. Smoothies: Orange Julius offers a selection of fruit smoothies made with real fruit and blended with ice for a refreshing and fruity treat.
  3. Sparkler: A sparkling beverage with your choice of flavor, giving a fizzy and flavorful twist to your drink.
  4. Super + Smoothie: A combination of a fruit smoothie with additional boosters or add-ins to enhance the nutritional value and flavor.

Orange Julius Kids Menu Prices 2024

Here are the Orange Julius Kids Menu Items along with their prices in table format:

Orange Julius Kids Menu ItemsSizePrice
Super + SmoothieSmall$6.79
Super + SmoothieMedium$7.79
Bottled Water$1.99

Orange Julius Kids Menu Calories & Nutrition Facts

Herre are some general examples of potential Orange Julius Kids Menu items along with their approximate calorie counts and nutritional facts.

Keep in mind that these are rough estimates and can vary based on the specific ingredients used and portion sizes:

  1. Original Orange Julius (Small):
    • Calories: Approximately 190-250 calories
    • Nutritional Facts: Contains vitamin C, calcium, and other nutrients from orange juice and milk.
  2. Smoothies (Small):
    • Calories: Approximately 180-250 calories
    • Nutritional Facts: Contains vitamins and minerals from real fruit, blended with ice and sometimes yogurt.
  3. Sparkler:
    • Calories: Varies based on flavor and size; typically 100-150 calories
    • Nutritional Facts: A sparkling beverage with flavors like strawberry or raspberry.
  4. Super + Smoothie (Small):
    • Calories: Approximately 200-300 calories
    • Nutritional Facts: Contains additional boosters like protein or greens for added nutrition.

Orange Julius Kids Menu Deals

Orange Julius did not have a specific and dedicated Kids Menu Deals. Instead, they offered deals and promotions that applied to all menu items, including those that were suitable for kids. Here are some examples –

  1. Welcome Offer: New customers who sign up for Orange Julius’ loyalty program.
    • Get any Small ORANGE JULIUS, Beverage for only 99!
  2. Monthly Coupons: Customers who subscribe to Orange Julius’ email list or loyalty program might receive monthly coupons that offer discounts on selected menu items.
    • BOGO – $1 off, small for $2
  3. Birthday Offer: Members of Orange Julius’ loyalty program might receive a birthday offer, such as a free drink or a special treat to celebrate their special day.
  4. Combo Deals: Orange Julius may occasionally offer combo deals that include a beverage and a snack or side item at a discounted price.
  5. Happy Hour Specials: Some Orange Julius locations might have happy hour promotions, where certain menu items are available at reduced prices during specific hours of the day.
  6. Limited-Time Offers: Orange Julius may introduce limited-time offers featuring new menu items or seasonal flavors that customers can enjoy for a discounted price.
  7. Mobile App Deals: Customers using the Orange Julius mobile app might have access to exclusive deals, discounts, or rewards.

Orange Julius Kids Menu FAQS

Does Orange Julius have a Kids Menu?

Orange Julius does not have a dedicated Kids Menu, but they offer a range of beverages suitable for children, including the classic Orange Julius and fruit smoothies.

Are there any kid-friendly options at Orange Julius?

Yes, Orange Julius offers beverages that are refreshing, fruity, and appealing to younger taste buds, making them kid-friendly options.

What is the classic Orange Julius drink?

The classic Orange Julius is a creamy and frothy beverage made from blended orange juice, milk, sugar, and vanilla flavoring.

Do they have reduced sugar options for kids at Orange Julius?

Some locations may have offered reduced sugar options or smaller-sized portions suitable for kids. It’s best to check with your local Orange Julius store for specific offerings.

Can kids customize their drinks at Orange Julius?

Yes, Orange Julius typically allows customers to customize their drinks with different flavors and add-ins, providing kids with a fun and personalized experience.

Are there any healthier options for kids at Orange Julius?

Orange Julius offers fruit smoothies made with real fruit, providing a healthier option for kids seeking a refreshing and nutritious beverage.

What other kid-friendly options are available at Orange Julius?

Besides the classic Orange Julius, kids can enjoy a variety of fruit smoothies made with real fruit, providing a refreshing and nutritious option.

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