Papa John’s Kids Menu 2024 – Prices, Calories, Deals

Papa John’s Kids Menu 2024 – Papa John’s is a well-known pizza restaurant chain that was founded in 1984. They are recognized for their commitment to using high-quality ingredients, including fresh dough and real cheese, to create their pizzas.

Regarding Papa John’s Kids Menu, while they offer a variety of pizza options on their regular menu, they may not have a dedicated kids menu with specific items exclusively for children. However, kids can still enjoy a range of pizzas and sides from the regular menu, and customers have the flexibility to customize their orders to suit their children’s preferences and dietary needs.

Papa John’s Kids Menu Items

Papa John’s may not have a dedicated Kids Menu with specific items exclusively for children. However, kids can still enjoy a variety of pizza options and sides from the regular menu. Here are some examples of Papa John’s menu items that are popular among children:

  1. Cheese Pizza: A classic favorite, perfect for kids who enjoy a simple and delicious pizza with melted cheese.
  2. Pepperoni Pizza: Another popular choice, featuring pepperoni slices on top of a cheese pizza.
  3. Sides: Papa John’s offers a variety of sides that kids may enjoy, such as Garlic Knots, Breadsticks, and Cheesesticks.
  4. Chicken Poppers: Tender and flavorful pieces of breaded chicken that can be a hit with young diners.
  5. Dipping Sauces: Kids can pair their pizza or sides with a variety of dipping sauces, such as Pizza Sauce, BBQ Sauce, or Ranch Dressing.
  6. Specialty Pizzas: Depending on the region and seasonal offerings, Papa John’s may have specialty pizzas that appeal to young taste buds, like Hawaiian Pizza or BBQ Chicken Pizza.

Papa John’s Kids Menu Prices

Papa John’s does not have specific Kids Menu with fixed prices for children’s items. Instead, their menu typically includes regular pizza options and sides that both adults and kids can enjoy. Prices may vary by location.

Below are some examples of Papa John’s menu items and their prices, which can be suitable for kids:

Papa John’s Kids Menu ItemsPrice
Featured Selection
Papa Sticks$7.99
Create Your Own Pizza $12.49
Cheese Pizza $12.49
Pepperoni Pizza $12.49
Create Your Own Gluten-Free Crust $14.49
Papa Bowls
Garden Veggie Papa Bowl$12.99
Garlic Parmesan Breadsticks$7.00
Bacon Cheese Sticks$10.00
Cheese Sticks$9.00
Original Breadsticks$7.00
Jalapeno Pap Bites$7.99
Double Chocolate Chip Brownie$9.99
Oreo Featured Selection$7.99
Chocolate Chip Cookie$9.99
Crush Orange$2.60

Papa John’s Kids Menu Calories & Nutrition

Here’s a table with approximate calorie and nutrition information for some popular items from Papa John’s that are commonly enjoyed by kids:

Papa John’s Kids Menu ItemCaloriesTotal Fat (g)Carbohydrates (g)Protein (g)
Cheese Pizza (1 slice – small)180-2206-925-307-9
Pepperoni Pizza (1 slice – small)200-2408-1025-308-10
Chicken Poppers (4 pieces)200-24010-149-1214-18
Breadsticks (3 pieces)210-25010-1224-276-7
Chocolate Chip Cookie (1 cookie)190-2309-1126-302-3

Papa John’s Kids Menu Deals

Papa John’s may not have specific Kids Menu Deals advertised separately. However, they occasionally offer promotions, discounts, and combo deals that can be enjoyed by kids and the whole family. Some examples of potential deals that might be available include:

  1. Family Meal Deal: A combination of pizzas, sides, and drinks at a discounted price, suitable for families, including kids.
  2. Two for One Pizza: Buy one pizza and get a second pizza of equal or lesser value at a discounted price, which can be a great deal for families.
  3. Combo Meals: Offers that include a pizza, side, and drink at a reduced price, suitable for both adults and kids.
  4. Limited-Time Offers: Special deals or promotions available for a limited period, which may include kids’ favorite items.
  5. Online Exclusive Offers: Discounts or free add-ons available exclusively for online orders, applicable to kids’ menu items.

Papa John’s Kids Menu FAQS

Does Papa John’s have a Kids Menu?

While Papa John’s may not have a separate Kids Menu, they offer a variety of pizzas and sides that are suitable for kids.

Are there smaller portion sizes for kids at Papa John’s?

Yes, Papa John’s offers smaller pizza sizes that are suitable for kids, allowing them to enjoy their favourite Flavors in kid-friendly portions.

Can I customize a pizza for my child at Papa John’s?

Yes, customers can customize pizzas with various toppings to suit their child’s preferences and dietary needs.

Is there nutritional information available for Papa John’s kids menu items?

Nutritional information for Papa John’s kids menu items, including pizzas and sides, can typically be found on their official website or in-store.

Do Papa John’s restaurants have a kid-friendly ambiance?

While the ambiance may vary by location, Papa John’s restaurants generally offer a casual and family-friendly environment.

Does Papa John’s offer any kid-friendly sides?

Yes, Papa John’s offers a range of sides, such as Breadsticks and Cheese Sticks, that are popular among kids.

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