Subway Kids Menu 2024 – Prices, Calories, Deals

Subway Kids Menu 2024 – Subway is a popular fast-food restaurant chain known for its customizable submarine sandwiches, salads, and wraps. It was founded in 1965 by Fred DeLuca and Peter Buck and has since become one of the largest restaurant franchises globally.

The Subway Kids Menu offers a variety of options specifically designed for younger diners. It typically includes smaller-sized sandwiches and meals that cater to children’s tastes and nutritional needs. The Kids Menu often features child-friendly flavors and healthier options to satisfy both kids and parents.

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Subway Kids Menu Items

Some examples of items that may be found on the Subway Kids Menu include:

  1. Turkey Breast: Mini sub with lean turkey and kid-friendly toppings.
  2. Veggie Delite: Mini sub packed with fresh vegetables and condiments.
  3. Black Forest Ham: Mini sub featuring tasty black forest ham and accompaniments.
  4. Roast Beef: Mini sub filled with savory roast beef and suitable toppings.
  5. Chocolate Milk: Classic and beloved beverage choice for kids.
  6. Kids’ Drinks: A selection of beverages like apple juice, milk, or bottled water.

Subway Kids Menu Items with Prices 2024

Here is the list of Subway Kids Menu items and their prices –

Subway Kids Menu ItemsPrices
Kids Meal
4 Turkey Breast$4.75
4 Veggie Delight$4.75
4 Black Forest Ham$4.75
4 Roast Beef$4.75
Bottled Drinks
Chocolate Milk$1.99
Orange Juice$1.99
3 Cookies$2.29
Prices may vary by location

Subway Kids Menu Calories & Nutrition Facts

Here is a table of Subway Kids Menu items with their corresponding calorie and nutrition information:

ItemCaloriesTotal Fat (g)Sodium (mg)Total Carbohydrates (g)Protein (g)
Kids Veggie Delite1602210286
Kids Turkey Breast2803.55404618
Kids Roast Beef1904.54502714
Kids Black Forest Ham2404.55203516
Kids Ham18044102610
Kids Chicken Strips19084701913

Please remember that the nutritional values may vary depending on the specific ingredients and portions used at your local Subway restaurant.

Subway Kids Offers & Deals

Subway may have various offers and deals for their Kids Menu at different locations. Some common deals may include:

  1. Kids Eat Free: Occasionally, Subway offers promotions where kids can eat for free with the purchase of an adult meal.
  2. Meal Combos: Subway may offer special meal combos for kids that include a sandwich, drink, and a side at a discounted price.
  3. Sub of the Day: Kids can enjoy a featured sandwich from the Kids Menu as the “Sub of the Day” at a reduced price on specific days.
  4. Loyalty Rewards: Subway’s loyalty program may offer exclusive deals and discounts for members, including those applicable to kids’ meals.
  5. Family Bundles: Subway might offer family bundles that include a selection of sandwiches and sides for multiple family members, including kids.

Subway Kids Menu FAQS

What is included in Subway Kids Menu?

Subway’s Kids Menu typically includes a variety of kid-sized sandwiches, such as turkey breast, veggie delight, black forest ham, and roast beef. It also includes a selection of sides, drinks, and cookies.

What age group is the Subway Kids Menu suitable for?

Subway’s Kids Menu is designed for children aged 12 and under.

Can kids customize their sandwiches from the Subway Kids Menu?

Yes, kids can customize their sandwiches by choosing the type of bread, cheese, and toppings they prefer.

Are the items on the Subway Kids Menu nutritious?

Subway aims to offer nutritious options for kids, such as sandwiches with lean meats, fresh vegetables, and whole-grain bread. Nutritional information is available for each menu item.

Are there vegetarian options on the subway Kids Menu?

Yes, Subway’s Kids Menu includes vegetarian options. The “Veggie Delite” sandwich is a popular choice for vegetarians. It is filled with a variety of fresh vegetables and cheese, providing a tasty and nutritious option for kids who prefer meatless alternatives.

Can kids get a toy with subway Kids Meal?

Subway did not include toys in their Kids Meals. However, this may vary depending on the location and regional promotions, so it’s best to check with your local Subway restaurant.

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