McDonald’s Kids Menu 2024 – Prices, Happy Meal

McDonald’s Kids Menu 2024 – McDonald’s is a multinational fast-food restaurant chain that was founded in 1940 by Richard and Maurice McDonald. It is one of the world’s largest and most well-known fast-food chains, operating in over 100 countries and serving millions of customers daily.

The McDonald’s Kids Menu is specially designed for children and offers a variety of kid-friendly meal options. The most popular item on the Kids Menu is the “Happy Meal,” which typically includes a choice of a hamburger, cheeseburger, chicken nuggets, or other kid-friendly entrees, along with a side item (such as fries or apple slices), a small drink, and a toy. The Kids Menu aims to provide a balanced selection of options to cater to the tastes and preferences of young diners.

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McDonald’s Kids Menu with Prices

The McDonald’s Kids Menu offers a variety of meal options specially designed for children. Prices may vary depending on the location and currency. Here are some examples of items you might find on the McDonald’s Kids Menu with approximate prices:

Here’s the McDonald’s Kids Menu with prices in a table format:

McDonald’s Kids Menu ItemsPrice ($)
Happy Meal
6pc Chicken McNuggets $7.39
Hamburger $6.09
4 Piece Chicken McNugget $6.89
Sides & More
Cookies & Creme Pie$2.39
Apple Pie$2.29
McCafé Apple Fritter$3.39
Apple Slices$1.79
3 Half Strips Bacon$2.39
Chocolate Milk$1.89
Medium Strawberry Banana Smoothie$4.59
Bottled Water$2.69
Organic Apple Juice Drink$1.89

McDonald’s Kids Menu Nutrition

Here are some examples of items from McDonald’s Kids Menu along with their nutritional information in a table format:

ItemServing SizeCaloriesSaturated Fat (g)Cholesterol (mg)Protein (g)
6pc Chicken McNuggets1 serving19023010
Hamburger1 serving2503.53012
Cheeseburger1 serving30064015
4 Piece Chicken McNuggets Meal1 meal19023010
Small French Fries1 serving2301.503
Apple Slices1 serving15000
Milk1 serving1001.5108
Chocolate Milk 1 serving1501.5108

McDonald’s Kids Menu Deals

McDonald’s periodically offers various deals and promotions for their Kids Menu. These deals may vary by location and time, and they often include discounted pricing or special bundles for kids’ meals. Some common types of McDonald’s Kids deals include:

  1. Happy Meal Deals: McDonald’s often offers special pricing or promotions for their Happy Meals, which include a main item, a side (such as fries or apple slices), a drink, and a toy.
  2. Limited-Time Offers: McDonald’s may introduce limited-time offers on specific Kids Menu items, where certain items are available at a discounted price for a short period.
  3. Combo Offers: McDonald’s sometimes combines kids’ meals with other menu items, like adding a small dessert or beverage to create a value combo deal.
  4. Family Bundles: McDonald’s occasionally offers family bundles that include a combination of adult and kids’ menu items at a discounted price.
  5. Mobile App Deals: McDonald’s mobile app often features exclusive deals and discounts, including offers for kids’ meals.

McDonald’s Kids Menu FAQS

What is included in McDonald’s Kids Menu?

McDonald’s Kids Menu typically includes a variety of options suitable for children, such as Happy Meals that come with a choice of main item (e.g., Chicken McNuggets, Hamburger, Cheeseburger), a side (e.g., fries, apple slices), a drink (e.g., milk, apple juice, soft drink), and a toy.

What is included in McDonald’s Kids Menu?

Yes, McDonald’s offers healthier options for kids, including Apple Slices, Cuties Clementines, and Low-Fat Milk, which can be chosen as sides and beverages in Happy Meals.

Can I customize a McDonald’s Happy Meal for my child?

Yes, you can customize McDonald’s Happy Meals to some extent. You can choose between different main items, sides, and drinks, based on your child’s preferences and dietary needs.

Are there vegetarian options on the McDonald’s Kids Menu?

McDonald’s offers some vegetarian options for kids, such as Veggie McNuggets in select locations. Additionally, you can customize the Happy Meal to exclude meat-based items.

Is the McDonald’s Kids Menu available all day?

Yes, McDonald’s typically offers their Kids Menu all day, allowing customers to order kids’ meals at any time during the restaurant’s operating hours.

Can I purchase McDonald’s Kids Menu items separately?

While the main focus of the Kids Menu is Happy Meals, some individual items like Chicken McNuggets or a cheeseburger can be purchased separately as well.

Are there age restrictions for the McDonald’s Kids Menu?

While the Kids Menu is designed with younger children in mind, there are no strict age restrictions, and anyone can order from the Kids Menu if they prefer the portion sizes and items offered.

Does a McDonald’s happy meal come with a toy?

Yes, a Happy Meal at McDonald’s comes with a toy. The Happy Meal is specifically designed for children.

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